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The 2 Best Tendon and Ligament Repair Supplements Available

Have you ever strained your shoulder, knee, or elbow? Do you suffer from tennis elbow or rotator cuff injuries? Is there an old injury that still lingers and occasionally flares up?

Typically we use ibuprofen or acetaminophen (the ingredient in Tylenol) to relieve our pain, however, that approach has very limited potential in that it only reduces inflammation (note that acetaminophen—Tylenol, has not been proven to reduce inflammation, but only to reduce pain). Sometimes this is sufficient and allows the body to heal up overnight, but in more serious injuries, like a rotator cuff strain, the body actually needs to regenerate tendon and ligament fibers. Up to this point, Cissus is the only compound known to actually promote tendon and ligament regeneration. Now in order to maximize the effects of Cissus, the body should not be in a state of extreme inflammation as this limits how much of Cissus actually gets into the tendon (think of inflammation as traffic, that won’t pull over, as an ambulance tries to get to a wreck). As a substitute to ibuprofen, I recommend D-Flame, an amazingly comprehensive blend of all natural plant extracts that contain anti-inflammatory properties. From turmeric to ginger, green tea to basil, D-Flame boasts, in my opinion, the best natural anti-inflammatory blend in the world (yes, I said world). By combing both of these products you will not only notice a temporary reduction in pain, but you will be commencing an actual healing process so that the root cause of the pain will eventually be eliminated—you will be noticing a more permanent reduction in pain.

On a personal note, well over a year ago I had strained my groin doing multi-planar lunges and had suffered from pain that would make my stomach weak and occasionally cause me to have to sit down all day with an ice pack on my injury. I iced daily, took ibuprofen, and even with all of that I still couldn’t workout…at all. After 8 months of the same icing/resting/ibuprofen routine I decided to try Cissus. Within weeks I felt notably better and in less than 4 weeks I was back in the gym lifting light weights. To this day I still go through a bottle of Cissus every few months, just to maintain healthy tendons and help my body along the way as it still continues to heal my injury.

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Gabe Reyes CPT, PES

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